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Jeffrey Kessler

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Jeff was born in Brooklyn and spent the first two days of his life here before his parents packed up and hauled off to the suburbs. It took him 39 years to find his way back and now he can't ever imagine living anywhere else. A Park Slope resident since 2001, Jeff has bought, renovated, sold and rented various properties. He can recognize the diamond in the rough or curate the high end market to help his customers realize the true value of a property.

As a kid in the 60's, he woke up early on Saturday mornings to find nothing but test patterns on television before the morning cartoons started. By the early 90's he was marketing infomercials on late night TV that would make those test patterns virtually extinct. A media veteran who founded several advertising agencies, Jeff uncovers opportunities in even the tightest markets. His businesses helped earn more than a half billion dollars for his clients by finding and utilizing underutilized opportunities.

A skilled negotiator, Jeff understands that reaching consensus amongst buyers and sellers requires both cooperation and competition. Finding the delicate balance to advance his client's goals while minimizing tension in the negotiation process allows all parties to advance their individual interests.

Jeff is the father of two teenage children and one dog. When out of the city he enjoys spending time on Fire Island kayaking in the Great South Bay.
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Jeffrey Kessler

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