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The name Marc Garstein is synonymous with Park Slope real estate. After teaching elementary school in Bed-Sty for 16 years, he started selling real estate during the summer. After one more year of teaching and selling real estate on the side, Marc had found his niche.

He started Warren Lewis Realty in 1987 in a small second floor space on 7th Avenue and 9th Street. One week after Warren Lewis opened its doors, the stock market crashed. It was in that environment that Marc really learned about Brooklyn real estate. He took care of every seller as if their property was the only property he was responsible for. His vision was broader than Park Slope; he serviced Windsor Terrace and Prospect Heights when other agencies did not take listings in those neighborhoods. In Warren Lewis, Marc created a family; a family of agents, a family of sellers and a family of buyers. Warren Lewis quickly became a pillar of the community.

Marc believes in giving back. He has sponsored everything from block parties to school music and drama programs, from the Brooklyn Museum to Celebrate Brooklyn, always focusing on arts in our schools and arts in our community. The love he showed to the neighborhood was returned to him multifold. Over the years countless people just stopped by to say hi and chat and Marc always found time for everyone- not wondering whether they had something to sell or if they were an interested buyer. He built relationships and over time, those same people came to Warren Lewis when they needed to sell or were looking to buy.

Warren Lewis moved to its current location in 1996. later, when 7th Avenue saw the influx of corporate brokerages, Marc steadfastly held onto Warren Lewis's independence; always doing business on his terms. Opportunities to sell the company or merge fell by the wayside, as Marc knew that these situations were not right for Warren Lewis, its devoted customers or its dedicated staff. That was until he met Aroza Sanjana. He believed in her vision for the company and knew she was the right person to shepherd Warren Lewis to its next phase.

Marc remains a strong presence at Warren Lewis as a close consultant and advisor. Marc splits his time between Brooklyn and his home in Southwestern NJ, a former General Store and Town Post Office. He enjoys traveling in Europe, exploring his love of photography, tending to his garden and logging some miles in his convertible.

Anyone who knows Marc or Warren Lewis knows Red. Customers and passersby alike stopped by to visit Red. His gentle and soulful nature has left an indelible pawprint on Warren Lewis. Look in the window when you walk by. you never know if there will be a cold nose and a wagging tail waiting to greet you.
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Marc Garstein

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89 Seventh Avenue
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